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Insurance Services Office (ISO)



New 2010 ISO Commercial Auto Forms Revision


Insurance Services Office, Inc. (ISO) revised its commercial auto forms and endorsements. In Maryland, their effective date was June 1, 2010. New editions of the following ISO documents have been filed: Business Auto Coverage Form (BACF); Garage Coverage Form (GCF); and Motor Carrier Coverage Form (MCCF). ISO will eliminate its Truckers Coverage Form (TCF). Ultimately, the MCCF will be used rather than the TCF. ISO introduced several new commercial auto endorsements: Waiver of Subrogation (CA 04 44); Trailer Interchange Coverage (CA 23 98); and Golf Carts and Low Speed Vehicles (CA 04 45). ISO enacted further changes to the GCF endorsements: Personal Injury Liability Coverage -- Garages (CA 25 08); Fire Legal Liability Coverage -- Garages (CA 25 10); and Broadened Coverage -- Garages (CA 25 14). For more information and complete details on ISO revisions, visit the ISO home page at


Source: Flitner, A.L., "2010 ISO Commercial Auto Forms Revision," Underwriting Trends 22/2, CPCU Underwriting Interest Group (August 2010): 12-13.


Posted on August 30, 2010.