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An Introduction To This Blog

Who's Writing This Anyway?

I (that's Bob, for clarity's sake) and Yosef (my associate) write this blog together. Yosef does most of the first draft writing, including most content generation and figuring out what to post each week. (As he puts it, everything is new and interesting for him since he's new to the bar. It's also a way for him to master bits of insurance law.) I look over his shoulder, edit (both stylistically and content-wise), and suggest interesting bits of insurance to research. We synergize. This way, each of us knows we have at least one reader. Teamwork, right?
When there is a first person voice (rarely), it's mine. That said, we rarely use the first person because most of what we talk about is academic. In terms of opinions about the law or writing style, it is a collaborative process to which both Yosef and I contribute. We can't disentangle who's responsible for what on a macro level, so we don't.
If you felt compelled to cite this blog Bluebook style, try something like this:
Bob Siems & Yosef Kuperman, An Introduction To This Blog, Maryland Insurance Law Blog, (June 15, 2015), http://www.lawrls.com/#!An-Introduction-To-This-Blog/c2528/3.

Why We Blog

Our firm decided to start this blog because we're interested in the property and casualty insurance industry, with a focus on bad faith litigaton. I've been practicing Insurance Law practically my entire career. I actually find it interesting. Yosef's also been practicing Insurance Law his whole career, but that is not nearly as long a time.

What We Blog About

We blog about law as it relates to insurance. Mostly property and casualty insurance. Lately insurance bad faith litigation. Common topics also include Insurance Agent-Broker Liability, self-driving cars, Uber, riot exclusions, and war exclusions. Also, Cyber Insurance.

Our Pet Project: Maryland's Bad Faith Regime.

Our pet project is Maryland's bad faith regime. This includes the 27-1001 opinions, the published and unpublished court decisions interpreting the statute, statistics about the same, and the general litigation strategy. We started doing this because we realized that for most people, the information was simply hard to access in a convenient way. Also, it's fun.

This Post Said Something Else Last Time I Read It

This post is not time-sensitive. It's so people can click on it and get a quick explanation of what this is. This revision was done on 6/15/2015. It clarified who wrote what and simplified the explanation of our pet project.

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