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MIA wants Insurers to not insist on police reports for the recent riot damage claims

The MIA just sent out an email asking insurers to not insist on police reports in light of the widespread damage making reports not a priority. On one hand, I get this. On the other, the reason the insurers insist on police reports is partially to ensure they only pay real claims.

The email reads:

Good morning.

I wanted to reach out regarding the recent disturbances and subsequent claim activity in Baltimore City. As has been reported, while the situation appears to be stabilized, there will be an ongoing police presence for some period of time.

I know that under normal circumstances, police reports may play a role in the adjudication of your claims. However, these are not normal circumstances. We are in an environment where our police resources are stretched and the writing of reports is not a high priority.

We have personal and business policyholders that have been significantly affected by these events. I am asking for your assistance and flexibility during this period. In order to adjudicate these claims in an expedited manner, please use information other than a police report.

Your cooperation is greatly appreciated.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me directly.

Sincerely, Al Redmer, Jr. Maryland Insurance Commissioner

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