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Data and 27-1001 Claims: The Appeals

The MIA's 27-1001 process for insurance bad faith claims provides three alternate appeals. It also provides data on the claims.

Consider the numbers:

This data shows that most people opt to allow the MIA decision to become final without noting an appeal. This allows a direct route to Circuit Court via a suit filed under Md. Code Courts and Judicial Proceedings 3-1701.

Of those that do appeal, nobody has taken a direct-to-Circuit Court appeal for the last two years.

To me, this reflects the wisdom of the crowds. The appealing parties (almost always the insureds) need to get their result as fast as possible. They want jury trials. They tend to go straight to the jury trials.

Those that do appeal don't go to Circuit Court. They go to the OAH. This allows them to get a relatively cheaper mini-trial. They can also still go to Circuit Court if they lose.

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