• Bob Siems

Obligatory Legal Disclaimer (but please read)

Have some mandatory fine print:

1. You are not our client yet.

This website and blog does not make you our client. We have to do a lot before we can sign you up. We need to make sure we don't represent someone else involved in your case. We need to make sure we want to represent you. We need to make sure that you need a Maryland lawyer. We need to make sure you have the kind of problem best solved by us.

You become our client when you sign a retainer agreement with us. No paperwork, no lawyer.

2. This blog is not a substitute for legal advice.

This blog contains our general thoughts about our practice area. It is not a substitute for actually talking to us. For every post we put up on here, we have ten times that much material that we don't post because we don't want to put the internet to sleep with insurance jargon. The stuff on here does not get into the numerous subtle complications that might arise from any given set of facts. Trying to make decisions is a terrible idea.

Here's a better idea: contact us instead. We don't bite. We give free consultations.

3. We cannot predict how your case will turn out.

Lawyers have to say this a lot, but here it goes. Lawyers give legal advice, not prophecy. We cannot predict how your matter will turn out. Your case is unique and involves numerous factors we do not control. No two cases are identical. Just because you heard your neighbor say he got a great result does not mean you can get one. If you want prophecies, try weather forecasters or psychics.

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